Cycle day one

So far, this trying to conceive business has been unsuccessful .. and I am not even talking about the getting pregnant part. Just the trying part has been almost entirely a no-go. The timeline thus far is like this:

Mid-October: We decide to throw caution into the wind and try for a kid. Who needs a job (my boyfriend is currently unemployed) or youth (we’re both 41) to be a parent? NOT US! YEEHAW! Let’s do this thing!

Halloween: My OBGYN says ‘Hold your horses, buckaroos! You need to get the Coumadin out of your system before you even think of getting freaky baby-making style.’ Brakes are applied, medication is switched to daily Lovenox shots.

Shutting it down.

Shutting it down.

Post-Thanksgiving: Have a check-up with my OBGYN on CD13. I have a nice, big juicy follicle and am told to get busy. Alas, boyfriend is as sick as a dog and we miss our window that month.

Christmas: Via charting, I realize that my December window will be very tight. The month prior, I ovulated on CD14; if that holds true, I will ovulate the day I am traveling back home from the holidays. Since my boyfriend is not holiday-ing with me, I keep my fingers crossed that I will ovulate a little late. I, of course, ovulate early — CD12 — and again we miss my window.

God damn muther fu...

God damn muther fu…

So since we decided to start trying in October, we have only had sex once during my fertile window. ONCE. While knowing with 100% certainty that I am not pregnant keeps the two week wait utterly stress free, it would be nice to, you know, get this ball rolling.

This month is going to be different! I have a fertility monitor. I have Conceive Plus lubricant. I am going to make my boyfriend give me the hot beef injection every day Friday  through Sunday on my fertile weekend. If I am sick? I don’t care! If he is sick? I don’t care! This month, I am going to have a real two week wait. This month, I am going to have a reason to hope!

Any other tips and tricks to try this month? Appreciated!


2 thoughts on “Cycle day one

  1. You probably already know this but keep those hips elevated for 30 minutes after sexy time! Are you using OPKs? I would suggest having sex every other day until the line starts to get darker and then do it every day until you see a temp rise. You have all that nice sperm friendly lube to use so why not get it on often? 🙂

  2. Sounds silly but have him rub his balls clockwise for 5 times then counter clockwise for 5 times, repeat three times. Our acupuncturist told us to do that daily during ovulation and holy shit, I notice a difference in the amount of sperm my husband ummm ejactulates

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