Dang it.

My last cycle was 32 days long. I needed this one to stretch out to the same to give us a chance this month. That would have put my period arriving on Tuesday. I almost made it but .. alas. My monthly friend showed up in full-force this morning. This isn’t a big surprise — my temperature has been dropping steadily for a couple days and I spent the weekend battling migraines — but I’m still a bit disappointed. So close! SOOOO CLOSE .. and yet, so far. This means that if I ovulate on time this cycle, I will ovulate the day I return from my trip. I guess that still gives us the skinniest little chance as long as we get it on the moment I step off the plane but it’s likely that our window will have already passed by then.

So that leaves me hoping that I ovulate a little late this cycle. Maybe the holidays and associated travel will make that happen? That’s my Christmas wish!

Since we’re on the topic, I will post the best video about periods ever:


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