Heart-stopping moment

There I was, sitting at my desk blissful as could be when my cell began to buzz. I answered it..

Nurse: Dr. Ahdoot [my OBGYN] would like to talk to you. Do you have a moment?

I ran outside so I didn’t have to have the conversation in my cubicle. My mind started racing: Why is he calling me? What is wrong? Oh god, it must be horrible if he is calling me himself. Is it cancer? Cervical cancer? WHAT KIND OF HORRIBLE THING IS GOING ON INSIDE ME?! In my experience, doctors don’t call you unless it’s bad news; if everything is good, they have their nurse/office call you to let you know. And I didn’t even know why he was calling in the first place — I had a regular exam/pap appointment on October 31st; then I saw him again after Thanksgiving to talk about baby making. I wasn’t waiting on any tests and the last we talked he said to come in on the first day of my cycle so we can check various levels.




Convinced that something awful was going on, I was surprised by the conversation that followed:

Dr. Ahdoot: How are you doing?

Me: Fine.

Dr. Ahdoot: I’m just calling to find out how your plans are going.

Me: Well, we missed our window this month and I think I’ll be out of town when I ovulate in December. So we probably won’t be able to try again until January.

Dr. Ahdoot: If you want to get more aggressive, let me know and I will put you on Clomid. We’re here for you.

Hahaha! PHEW.



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