A different kind of two week wait

Today, Fertility Friend gave my chart cross-hairs.



As you can see from my chart, no sex happened (Damn holidays! Damn boyfriend getting sick!) so I certainly know that pregnancy isn’t waiting for me at the end of this cycle. But if you think I am off the two-week wait hook, you are so wrong!

Last month, my cycle was 32 days long. As I have never paid attention to my body before we decided to take the plunge, I have no idea if this is normal for me. I also have no idea what day I ovulated. So I am looking at two scenarios here:

A. My 32 day cycle is normal for me: I ovulate on the 14th day and I have a 19 day luteal phase.


B. My 32 day cycle was an anomaly: I ovulate on the 14th day, have a 14 day luteal phase and a 28 day cycle overall.

I am really, really, REALLY hoping for option A. Why? Because I am going to my brother’s place for Christmas and will be gone from December 22 – 30. If I have a standard 28 day cycle, I will get my period on Dec 14th and my peak fertility will be the 24th through the 26th with ovulation happening on the 27th. Since my boyfriend will not be coming with me, it will be pretty hard for him to impregnate me from three states away. He has a mighty penis but it isn’t that mighty!

However, if I do have a standard 19 day luteal phase, then I won’t get my period until five days later and my fertile time will stretch from the 28th until the 31st. Which, granted, still doesn’t give us much time. I’d basically get off the plane and declare: TO THE BEDROOM! I NEED YOU TO FUCK ME! (I’m a romantic, yo.)

Bring on the sperm

Bring on the sperm

So keep your fingers crossed for us that we’ll at least get to give things a shot once or twice this month. Otherwise, we are looking at mid/late January.


6 thoughts on “A different kind of two week wait

    • Haha! I am so glad that someone out there is as .. flowery and delicate .. about all this as I am. I’m on a few baby boards — lurking mooostly — and they are lovely women. Really. But all this ‘Dear Husband’ and ‘Baby Dancing’ business makes me laugh a little. It makes it sound like all this is glitter and rainbows and unicorns. No man. We fuck! We screw! We bone! Penis and vagina all over the place! There isn’t a glittery unicorn in sight.

      • WELL SAID! I NEVER use baby dance… to dance means that its like choreographed and rynthmic. Its sex. Its “You Done yet?”, “WRONG HOLE”, “Wanna do it?”, “Ill be home in 20, be ready”, “Here is some gum, we need to go do it”… its not pretty. I think my husband had a hard time with it at first, he didnt believe me that people were actually TIMING sex during the month. I was like oh god hunnie you have no idea.

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