Today, I gave myself my Lovenox shot without icing the area first. Initially, I heard that icing the area before and after would minimize bruising; then I heard that the opposite is true. So I plucked up my courage and went ice-free today — it didn’t hurt any more the usual! I did get a little blood at the injection site when I withdrew the needle but, so far, no bruise. Granted, it usually takes a while for anything to show up but the last time I bled, bruise-development happened pretty much instantaneously. Skipping the icing definitely made things go a lot quicker and I was able to hop back into bed and grab another half-hour cuddling with my boyfriend and cat.


My period was supposed to show up on Monday but, thus far, is a no show. The simplest explanation — especially when I consider the negative First Response Early Response pregnancy test I took on Monday morning —  is that my cycle is longer than 28 days. The next most logical conclusion is that because I am all excited and obsessed about getting knocked up, I’m stressing out my body and it is throwing my cycle out of whack. But part of me is all OMG MAYBE I AM PREGNANT!! Even though I have no symptoms. Even though we only got down once. If my period doesn’t show up by Friday, I will test again then.

I do hope my period shows up though. I only started charting two weeks-ish ago and I am such a geek that it is driving me crazy that I have incomplete data, no baseline to compare the beginning of my cycle to the end of it. Plus, I think my OBGYN would yell at me for getting pregnant so soon after coming off Coumadin.


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