Not pregnant

I broke down and took a pregnancy test this morning. I have been charting my temperature and it has risen higher for the past few days so I thought ‘What the hell? Why not? I’m going to go ahead and pee on a stick.’ Negative. Granted, it’s still a little early — my period is due on Monday and that’s assuming that I am on a 28 day cycle which I am not sure I am. So there remains a small, teeny possibility but all signs are pointing to sushi for my birthday. I’d be sad about the negative test result but, you know. SUSHI.

I have an appointment with a new hematologist. They set it up for me at his Sherman Oaks office so, I assume, there will be no awkward bumping into Sexual Misconduct Doctor in the halls. The location is a little more inconvenient for me — it’s not so much distance but that I have all my doctors in the same two buildings right next to each other which makes it easy to stack appointments on the same day. But if this is what it takes to minimize drama and have a doctor that I am comfortable with, that’s the price I am gladly willing to pay.

I’ve been wondering, too, if I should ask my primary physician for a referral to a reproductive endocrinologist. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis when I was seven and have been on medication all my life. I know that having hypothyroidism can mess with fertility; I don’t know if I have fertility issues but it’s not like I am working with a great deal of time to find out. I will ask her opinion next time I see her.

And in closing news, I nicked my first blood vessel or capillary or whatever they are called. Yesterday, I gave myself my shot and it did not hurt any more or less than usual; however, when I withdrew the needle, it immediately started to bleed (I don’t usually, other than a little speck on the antiseptic pad after I have applied pressure afterwards). It wasn’t just a little bubble of blood either but enough to start rolling down my side. In the end, I ended up with this beauty:

It looks like a bunch of blood rivers dumping into a blood lake

I feel like this was a Rite of Passage. My first big(ish) bruise! I am a Lovenox WARRIOR!


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