Needle, I salute you

I am not a big fan of needles — but who is, really? When I was in the hospital, I put up with them without complaint because I knew there was no other way. Needles were keeping me alive. When they told me, though, that I might not be ready to solely be on Coumadin when released and that they might have to send me home with self-injectable meds, I panicked a bit. All my doctors saw was a worried brow and big wide eyes. Inside, I was screaming ‘NooOOOOoooOOOOOoooOOOOoooOOOOoooo!!!’

Vader’s tortured anguish had nothing on mine

Luckily, that did not come to pass and I returned home armed with a big bottle of Coumadin. Maybe I was too physically and emotionally fragile after my hospital stay to handle having to stick myself. Maybe I was sick of being poked and prodded for three weeks straight and just needed a rest. I don’t know why self-injecting medication was NOT OKAY then but is A-OKAY now.

Maybe it’s because I am doing it in the hope of having a baby.

It’s only been four days so I am sure this opinion is bound to change but — so far, surprisingly enough — I prefer Lovenox over Coumadin. It’s nice to be on something that isn’t going to necessitate constant monitoring, blood draws every two weeks to a month. You might say to yourself ‘Wait, that makes no sense. Crazypants prefers dealing with a needle every day rather than once a month?’ Yes. Yes, I do. The Lovenox shot? It is virtually painless. I don’t have to find a vein — I just stick myself, hit the plunger and I’m done. I’ve been getting regular blood draws almost my entire life; having hypothyroidism, my medication needs to be looked after (although nowhere near the frequency of Coumadin). These blood draws have never been easy as I am what medical professionals like to refer to as Stickus Hardus .. or, in the common tongue: a Hard Stick. My veins are tiny, they are deep and they like to run away from needles. So blood draws are always a gamble. Sometimes, they find a vein right away! Other times, they have to poke me repeatedly and wiggle the needle around. It’s not the worst thing in the world but it is a pain in the ass (or, more specifically, the arm). So hell yes I will take an easy-breezy sub-q shot over constant, never-ending blood draws. So I say:


Sorry for the just-woke-up-no-makeup-old-lady face!

In other news, yes. You guessed it. Another positive ovulation test (although just barely so). I am 99.9% sure that I am not pregnant. While I have only been charting my temperature for a few days, it’s been pretty steady at 97.8-.9. Since temperature will remain elevated if conception has happened, I have trouble believing 97.8 is elevated for me. I mean, sure, I am pretty cold blooded and my normal temp tends to be lower than the 98.6 average but I don’t think it’s so low that 97.8 would be considered impressive or remarkable.

YOU again?!

I think part of my problem is that I am testing with my top-o-the-morning pee. Maybe if I tested later in the day when my urine is not so concentrated, it would yield more normal results. Or maybe I should just stop testing altogether! That would be the sanest option so, of course, I reject it.


4 thoughts on “Needle, I salute you

  1. I found that the first month I did OPK that I did the first pee in the day (usually I pee around 3am and then get up at 6am so I convinced myself that it was really not first of the day pee). And I had some wonky test results. The next month, I took my OPKs to work – which is super annoying but whatever…and test around 9/10am and things were ALOT better. I know of course you are in a different boat due to injections but I am a believer… 2nd pee of the day… works best.

    • Do you think it would be okay to test in the evening when I get home from work (7p-ish)? I don’t want to bring that stuff to work just because I don’t want to risk my co-workers finding out that I am trying. Because that would ruin my social experiment! When/If I become pregnant, I am not going to tell anyone at work and see how long it takes before someone has the courage to ask me. 😉

      • The point is that you dont want to have either highly concentrated or highly diluted urine. As long as you many sure you are not chugging only water towards the end of the day you should be fine.

        OPKs are funky… Pregnancy tests, normally can pick up HCG even in diluted pee but OPKs are super super sensitive. If your pee is highly concentrated you will get the false readings.

        No one at work knows that I am doing the kits at the office – I use the strips so its easier for me to conceal. I thought the cleaning lady would say something but I try to bury them in the trash.

        Just try to make sure you do them at the same time each day or at least around, consistency is key.

      • Thanks for the pointers and tips! I am going to try doing it when I get home from work. If I keep getting weird results, I will try testing at work and hope that no one notices!

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