Staying positive

I’m not talking about an emotional viewpoint; I’m talking about these ovulation tests! This morning! Another positive! What’s going on in there, body?


My Lovenox shot stung today but there was no blood when I withdrew the needle. What that means for bruising, I don’t know. I’ll just have to wait and see. Speaking of bruising, this is the bad boy I ended up with yesterday. BEHOLD ITS PURPLE-Y MAGNIFICENCE!

That thing is MASSIVE! Massively tiny, that is.

I don’t know if the diminutive size of my bruise as a testament to my (previously untapped) skillz at stabbing myself with a needle or to my belly flab. However, the simple act of bragging about my teeny-tiny injury is probably dooming today’s injection site to blow up into a massive contusion that will swallow me whole. Stay tuned!

I picked up a couple of pregnancy tests yesterday. I don’t think I am knocked up but we did have unprotected sex around the time I might have been ovulating so it is a possibility. A slim one but a possibility all the same; wouldn’t it be a trip if I got pregnant from one shot right off the bat? Assuming that I am on a 28 day cycle, my period should roll around on the 12th. However, my birthday is on the 10th and I want to gorge myself on sushi so I’ll be taking a pregnancy test around that time to make certain that’s okay. If the test turns out positive, I guess it will be French food again!

Thank goodness cake isn’t off-limits during pregnancy. I would simply die without cake.


2 thoughts on “Staying positive

  1. Nice bruise! 🙂 I iced my site this morning – no blood. So let’s hope I don’t bruise or swell woot.

    I almost always get 3 +opks in a row also. You might just have a longer lh surge, which can be fine. You don’t have PCOS right?

    GL! Sushi sounds so good by the way.

    • I don’t think I have PCOS but I don’t know, really. Back when I was young, my periods were somewhat irregular but I always chalked that up to the anorexia I had at time. I was on birth control pills for years and years until I landed myself the two pulmonary embolisms in March and had to be taken off them. It took a couple months for my period to start up after that but they have been regular since then.

      So I don’t know if my string of positives are a pregnancy, an infertility problem or crappy tests. I’m not too worried about it at this point though. I’ve started charting my temperature so that should help provide some clarity going forward.

      And yay for no blood! I know it’s only been three days for me but I’m kind of preferring the Lovenox to the Coumadin. I hated the constant monitoring with the latter and with the daily shots, I feel so brave! I start each day feeling like I can take on the WORLD!

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