Hold your horses!

This morning, I had an appointment with an OB/GYN that my doctor recommended. I liked him very much and he was very encouraging. When we were talking about getting pregnant, I said that I realize that I only have a small chance of succeeding and he replied: No! You have a good chance!

I need to pull the brake on trying to conceive for the moment though; my boyfriend and I won’t start trying again until early next year. This is due to my Factor V Leiden and being on Coumadin — Coumadin is extremely toxic and dangerous to babies. So I need to switch over to daily Lovenox injections before we even start trying (which I will begin TOMORROW!). Dr. Ahdoot wants me to wait three months to be certain that the Coumadin is out of my system entirely and then we can go at it again. He did an ultrasound today and said my uterus and ovaries look really good. Hurrah!

I’ll be seeing him again after Thanksgiving. He said that because I will be on Lovenox, he can give me medication to increase fertility if I so desire. My boyfriend and I will have to talk that one over since that would increase the possibility of multiples.

As with previous mornings, I took another ovulation test today. Strong positive still! I am going to continue to test through this cycle (even though we are putting a temporary pin in trying) just to get a sense of how my body works.

I think this line is even stronger than the one yesterday


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