Well, that’s confusing

As far as ovulation tests go, I thought I got my positive on Sunday. Sure, it wasn’t a strong positive but it appeared to me to be the same color as the control line. Then Monday, the test line was lighter which seemed to indicate that the LH surge had passed. I spent the day being hyper-aware of my body — any little twinge, any little discomfort and I would wonder what was going on. Mentally, I know that if my egg and my boyfriend’s sperm are getting busy, I won’t feel anything at this point. However, having that logical awareness does nothing to change that fact that with every little thing I felt, my heart is all: WOO HOO! BIOLOGY!

Then, after I woke up today, this happened:

Test line: I’m back and stronger than ever!
Me: Wait, what?

So I guess Sunday wasn’t a positive? And that I’m getting ready to ovulate now? Or maybe it’s just that I am over 40 and ovulation tests can be unreliable for us older girls? Whatever the explanation, I have canceled my social plans tonight in favor of seducing my fella.

Hubba hubba!


2 thoughts on “Well, that’s confusing

  1. hehe, good plan. sometimes your body get’s all ready to go and the ovum is not released. So a few days latter it tries again which is why you could get a second + OPK. If tyou temp your BBT you can confirm this by the sustained raised in temps.

    But hopefully you won’t need to do this again 🙂

    Baby dust to you

    • My doctor wants me to hold off on trying for a few months, to get the Coumadin out of my system. I guess I was so excited to get started that I jumped the gun a bit!

      in the mean time, I’m going to chart my temp starting next cycle so when it is GO TIME I will be armed with education and knowledge.

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